New Service!

Automated Selling Through Bots!

"Video Sales Bots" to be exact.

Are you a small business STILL struggling to make the shift to selling online? Do you want to sell more of your product and/or service but lack the staff to do it? What if there was an inexpensive way to accomplish that task RIGHT NOW!?!

Imagine having your very own “Virtual Employee” that works around the clock, 24/7/365 days per year. Think about it, a video, with an AI Spokesperson. Your very own “Video Sales Bot” guiding a customer, like a sales associate would. Leading potential customers to YOUR perfect product and/or service…and securing the sale to boot!

Your custom “Video Sales Bot” doesn’t get paid hourly, doesn’t need lunch breaks, and doesn’t go on vacation or go to sleep. Are you interested??? With packages starting at $997 per month, we can create tailor-made campaigns to fit most budgets. Click the button below to learn more.